against the autumn blues tips immune system

Against the autumn blues: That is how important a strong immune system is

The days are getting shorter, a strong and cool wind is blowing: autumn is here! Besides masks and distance, it now helps to strengthen the immune system. We have put together some tips that can boost the immune system, fight the autumn blues and protect against flu and colds.

Tip #1: Active prevention against influenza

To strengthen the immune system and fight the autumn blues, the main thing is to get out into the fresh air. Exercise outdoors promotes the release of the happiness hormone serotonin, stimulates the metabolism, provides new energy and strengthens the immune system. In addition, you tank up on the sun vitamin, vitamin D. Regular walks or outdoor sports units will actively prevent flu & Co. 

Tip #2: Breathe healthy forest air

Yes! Correctly heard. Healthy, clear forest air is a small miracle cure to strengthen the immune system – especially if you live in the big city. Because: In forests the air is charged with energy and just as low in dust as in the mountains or at the sea. But not everyone has the time for an extensive walk in the forest in everyday life. This is where SPIROYAL comes in with its patented spirovitalization. This application uses a method based on natural photosynthesis to bring the breathing atmosphere into a permanently active, high-energy state. This state is optimally adapted to the human cell. The body is thus able to better metabolise the breath atmosphere. The result: an internally strengthened immune system and more energy. Spirovitalization is offered in the form of two SPIROYAL products: The vitalizers AvantGarde and STREAM HS. These form the new SPA set. An application with AvantGarde takes just 21 minutes. This means that the immune system can hardly be strengthened faster and more effectively.

Tip #3: Eat colorful

Nutrition also plays an important role. Because even if advertising often suggests it: In order to strengthen the defensive forces, healthy humans without illness do not need complex food auxiliary means. A balanced, varied diet of fruit and vegetables can easily cover the necessary nutrient requirements. Therefore: Eat colorful! So eat lots of fruit and vegetables. 

Tip #4: Warm-Cold against autumn blues

Sauna, alternating showers and cold casts to keep our blood vessels elastic and efficient. But there is more: a study by the University of Jena shows that the number of certain immune bodies even increases if cold showers are given regularly.
Especially in the Covid period, however, you should rely on the right equipment in the spa and sauna: The relaxation phase should not be distracted by anything. Above all, you don’t want to waste any thoughts on germs, bacteria or other hygiene factors. “Never go on a lounger without a towel”, says swellfeel® founder Simon Treutlein. “Because the warmth and moisture make a spa a place of well-being for germs of all kinds.” The swellfeel®towel is designed exactly for such moments. It has an upper pocket that prevents it from slipping on the couch. A lower pocket keeps your feet nice and warm. “This is especially important after a sauna session,” explains Simon Treutlein. “Because keeping the feet warm ensures blood circulation and the body’s temperature balance”. What’s more, the swellfeel®towel is made of organic cotton, sustainably and fairly manufactured and replaces up to three – making it particularly practical and cost-effective.

Tip #5: Get plenty of sleep

Because: During our sleep important recovery and regeneration processes take place in the body. Toxins and acids that unnecessarily burden the cells are broken down. In addition, new cells are also formed while we sleep – including immune cells! How fitting that the spirovitalization of SPIROYAL sustainably improves sleep. It is recommended to sleep between seven and eight hours during the night! The immune system will thank you for it.