"Since we cannot change the body,
we change its breathing air"

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Developed according to the model of nature, Spiroyal offers regeneration for body, mind and soul.
The perfect complement to beauty treatments, massages, saunas & Co.


Health & Wellness

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Thanks to unique and modern technology, Spiroyal (a brand of the company Airnergy) delivers a more balanced body feeling and enables fresh appearance. You experience the vitalized energy and breathable air of the forest anytime, anywhere at the touch of a button.

Fresh and vital breathing air, as it can be found in untouched nature, is becoming more and more a luxury good. This is exactly where Spiroyal’s method of spirovitalization comes in and enriches the beauty, spa and wellness industry with beneficial energy for body, mind and soul.

SPIROYAL’s compact as well as easy-to-use vitalizers provide energy and relaxation for the body and are the perfect complement to proven beauty and spa treatments, massages, salt caves, steam baths and saunas.

You experience forest bathing, the vitalized energy of the forest, as it has been practiced for a long time in Asia and especially in Japan now also in the beauty institute, spa, wellness hotel, fitness studio or also at home.

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Our Brand

Get to know SPIROYAL better: Our philosophy. Our promise. Our secret. Learn all about the young brand and the unique system of Spirovitalization.

About Us

Pure passion, plenty of innovative spirit and a shared vision of making healthy forest air accessible to everyone: All this and more unites the team behind SPIROYAL.

Our product

They are called AvantGarde and Stream HS: This refers to our unique spa set. SPIROYAL products are a perfect complement to beauty treatments, wellness, massages & Co.


Find out about exciting news from the beauty and spa world as well as background information and news about our company and the offered SPIROYAL Breathing Air Vitalizers.

Our recommendation

Spiroyal is all about quality rather than quantity of breathing atmosphere. In this process, oxygen is not increased, nor ionized, nor ozone or substances foreign to the body are added. In other words, where beauty treatments, treatments and serums have their limits, SPIROYAL unfolds new possibilities with its products and can be used as a kind of basic supportive care.

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