Spa Innovations 2021: The latest trends

Summer is in its final stages, autumn is approaching – and so the time of wellness and relaxation begins again. We will give you an outlook on the coming season and the most exciting spa innovations…

#1: Waldbaden To Go with SPIROYAL

It is THE recovery trend of recent months and one of the most important spa innovations of recent years. And Waldbaden will not lose popularity in the upcoming 2020/2021 season either. Studies show that even a short, relaxed walk through the forest has a considerable influence on our health, well-being and vitality. When bathing in the forest, it is again a matter of getting in close contact with the forest in an intensive way – and consciously breathing in the clear, good air. 

Now not everyone has access to the natural forest air. Especially for people who live in big cities a daily walk in the forest is almost impossible. That is why the researchers and developers of the tech company SPIROYAL by AIRNERGY have created breathing vitality stations. According to the principle “Understanding and copying nature”, the SPIROYAL vital station reproduces the health-promoting processes as exactly as possible. Just 21 minutes at the breathing station – and you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed, your immune system is sustainably strengthened. Especially in uncertain times like these, SPIROYAL is a smart and future-oriented solution that will be heard about a lot more.

>> You can find all information about forest bathing here. In a detailed article we have compiled everything about the recreational trend,

#2: ESENSA Wave Suite

In the Vila Vita Rosenpark Marburg, more precisely in the Rosenpark Spa, the first ESENSA Wave Suite was recently opened. The special thing: The special treatment is carried out on a body-warm water bed from Wavebalance – with care products from the Croatian brand ESENSA MEDITERANA. The novel method promises great effects. Gentle wave movements and sound create resonances, which the therapist combines with aroma and thalassotherapy. In this way, blockages are permanently released. The Vila Vita Rosenpark is the first hotel to offer this therapy – and we are curious to see which fine spa resorts will take up this trend next.

#3: Beauty-Tech Dr. M. Phytoplasma Cosmetic comes to the spas

The brand Dr. M. Phytoplasma Cosmetic creates – similar to the products of SPIROYAL – something never seen before. It produces individualized phytoplasma creams in a unique process. The creams resemble the structure of human skin fat.

Explained in detail: the core of the brand is the Dr. M. Beauty Bar. With this system, skin specialists and beauticians can produce the so-called phytoplasma creams in their practices and studios. The natural ingredients are mixed on site. In the phytoplasma device, water and fat are physically bound in the cream in a membrane structure under pressures of over 1,000 bar. Completely without chemical emulsifiers. The result is a cream very similar to human skin fat. The ingredients can thus be optimally absorbed by the skin – more intensively and more strongly than other creams can. And there is more: The individualized phytoplasma cream is 100% natural and contains no chemical additives whatsoever.

#4: Smart relaxation – with the swellfeel®towel

If you thought until just now that towels could not be revolutionized, you were mistaken: The swellfeel®towel is a spa towel – rethought and therefore one of the spa innovations of the year. It is sustainable and fairly manufactured, made of organic cotton and replaces up to three towels. How so? For one thing, it has a pocket at the top. This prevents the swellfeel®towel from slipping on the lounger, protecting it from germs and bacteria that love to romp around on the loungers and in warm, humid spa environments. It also has a pocket for the feet. This is especially important after the sauna. Because this is how the blood circulation and the temperature balance of the body is guaranteed.

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