Strengthen the lungs: The expert from brain+ gives 5 smart tips

Our breathing air is full of pollution. As bitter as the truth sounds, as more real it is. Exhaust gases, fine dust, poisonous gases and dirt. Especially city dwellers are exposed to the daily pollution. This makes it all the more important to strengthen your lungs. And this is not always associated with great effort. Founder Marvin Alberg of brain+ – the provider of healthy and sustainable methods to improve physical condition in the long term – gives five smart tips for strengthening the lungs.

#1: Avoidance of risk factors

“This may sound like a mundane tip”, explains young founder Marvin Alberg of brain+, “but it is also particularly effective”. After all, cigarette and fire smoke, exhaust gases and chemical cleaning agents are among the biggest risk factors for the lungs. 

A start has been made to give up smoking and always use public transport instead of driving. Avoiding places where air pollution is particularly high is also a good way to protect the lungs. Especially those who are often exposed to such pollutants in their jobs should therefore flee the city more often – and enjoy the soothing country air!

#2: Breathe in forest air!

Speaking of the subject. Nothing does the lungs as good as clear, gentle forest air. A walk in the forest has, by the way, positive effects on the psyche and positively influences the immune system.

But why is this so? “Every plant releases bioactive substances,” says Marvin Alberg. “During a walk in the forest, these are absorbed not only through the skin but also through the respiratory tract. This has a cleansing and soothing effect on the lungs.

However: everyday life sometimes has a firm grip on you. It is not always possible for city dwellers to take a long walk through the forest. The solution is Spirovital technology. This is a therapy lasting just 21 minutes, offered by brain+. Here, the harmful breathing air is converted into high-energy breathing air by a kind of “forest air generator”. This is done by a process similar to photosynthesis. The air oxygen generated in this way can be absorbed by the body particularly well. The application is very easy. Put on the breathing mask, lean back – and breathe good air. The lungs will thank you for it.

#3: Wash hands regularly

This is an important tip not only in times of Corona. “Because there are many bacterial and viral pathogens in the air, which in turn are transmitted to people’s skin via the lubricating function,” says Marvin Albert. Especially when shaking hands, these pathogens spread, which in turn burden the lungs. So if you wash your hands often and thoroughly, you can minimize the risk of infection and strengthen the lungs.

#4: Inhale saline solution

Our grandmothers already knew that saline solutions are great ways to humidify the airways through inhalation – and thus do something good for the lungs. Especially in the winter months, dry heat puts a strain on the mucous membranes. “Regular inhalation of isotonic saline solutions is the method of choice here,” says Marvin Alberg. “Mucus can come loose. Mucous membranes are moistened. In addition, harmful substances can be removed.

This is how it works:

  • Boil 500 ml or one liter of clear water for about two minutes
  • Weigh the salt. Per 500 ml water you need about five grams of salt
  • Add the salt to the water and stir until it has completely dissolved. 
  • Bend over the bowl and cover the head with a towel to prevent the hot steam from escaping.
  • Breathe in and out slowly for about 10 minutes. 

#5: Strengthen the lungs with lots of exercise

“Sports and walks are miracle cures for almost all everyday physical ailments,” explains the brain+ expert. It has been proven that people who exercise a lot are not only fitter – but also have more resistant organs. “The lungs in particular benefit from sufficient exercise”.  

Especially for chronic respiratory diseases. For example, with permanently constricted bronchi, fitness is of great importance. No matter whether jogging, cycling or daily walks: the lung function is strengthened. Diseases like chronic bronchitis can even be prevented or reduced.

Also Bloggerin and Spirit Empowerment Trainerin Tina of the Blog Tina In The Middle dealt with the topic “What we can do good for our lungs”. She has summarized her five most important tips in a detailed blog post. One of them: Waldbaden! “So I started taking 7,000 to 10,000 steps a day and after a while I felt better. The thoughts have come to rest and so have I.” For those who, unlike Tina, live in a city and don’t have a forest in the immediate vicinity, the blogger recommends Spiroyal ” The Spirovitalisierung is a 21-minute therapy with which by the “forest air generator” harmful breath air is converted into energy-rich breath air.” Read the whole article here.