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Power source for more success: Mental training with brain+

It is no longer a secret. Emotional, cognitive and also physical abilities can be improved by the so-called mental training. But what if you, as a high performer in our society, don’t have the time for it yourself? The answer is: brain+ – the smart solution for all successful people who are looking for a source of energy and want to strengthen their inner self.

In case of acute stress it helps to take a deep breath. There is no question: clean breathing air is essential and increasingly rare in our unnaturally created atmosphere. However: fine dust and toxins pollute the air we breathe. Especially in the big city. This is exactly where brain+ comes in.

Who or what exactly is brain+? 

brain+ is a brand founded by the smart young founder Marvin Alberg. For years Alberg has been working on healthy and sustainable methods that expand and strengthen human consciousness. The encounter with AIRNERGY founder Guido Bierther was fateful. The two created brain+ – powered by AIRNERGY. It is a product package for use at home. The focus is on spirovitalization.

The spirovitalization technology

This breathing air technology, the spirovitalization has a completely new approach and helps the body in a natural way to increase oxygen utilization. This is because our air atmosphere is polluted by environmental pollution and exhaust gases and is low in energy. This is why AIRNERGY researchers have developed the biotech spirovitalization process over the last 20 years in Germany. 

Here, the air we breathe is filtered, energized and made bioavailable to the body. This is modelled on photosynthesis. After just one session with the breathing station from the brain+ package, which takes only 21 minutes, you will feel more relaxed and balanced. The feeling of well-being returns. The immune function is also increased. One feels internally strengthened. In short: Spirovitalization is like a walk in the woods.

brain+: The application takes place in your own four walls

The brain+ package contains more than just the breathing station for the home: With an accompanying CD, the application transforms into a holistic experience for the senses. Also included is a set of high-quality essential oils – to complete the application after the 21-minute session. This is the final part to make your personal oasis of well-being in your own four walls perfect. 

And then to face the challenges of (professional) everyday life in a strengthened, calm and focused manner. 

These are the advantages of brain+ at a glance

  • Improvement of sleep quality
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Burnout prevention
  • Better comprehension and therefore faster learning
  • Energy increase
  • Improved endurance 
  • Increase in productivity
  • Anti-Aging effect

Further information can be found everywhere on the site:

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