Tips to delay aging

Forever Young: Our Anti-Aging-Tips

If you use cream regularly, you will have smoother skin. Dry skin, for example, often reacts to poor hydration with tiny lines that dig all over the face. But what really helps against premature skin aging? The experts at SPIROYAL have compiled the best anti-aging tips for you.

Anti-aging tips: #1 skin care with hyaluron

Creams with hyaluronic acid can help, because the body’s own substance binds 6,000 times more water than its own weight, supports elastin and collagen fibers and therefore cushions the skin from within. As the hyaluronic acid depots in our body slowly empty from the age of 25 onwards and the body’s own production can no longer keep up, the skin loses its elasticity. UV rays, free radicals and external influences such as stress and nicotine have an easier time. Those who regularly use care products with hyaluronic acid can help the skin to counteract the aging process – and fight wrinkles.

Anti-aging tips: #2 Do not smoke and little alcohol

With one puff on a cigarette, you can inhale up to 100 trillion radicals that declare war on our bodies. Nicotine is a danger to the heart, blood vessels and brain, can cause cancer and makes the skin age prematurely. Smoking also constricts the blood vessels and has a negative effect on the oxygen content of the blood, which leads to an undersupply of cells. Even moderate alcohol consumption is responsible for the occurrence of many tumors in the breast, liver, rectum, upper digestive and respiratory tract. And of course for skin aging. Alcohol withdraws fluid from the body – and thus also from the skin. Regular consumption of alcohol can even cause skin diseases such as acne, rosacea and psoriasis.

SPIROYAL and AIRNERGY The little Atmos

#3: Forest bathing

This is where the spirovitalization of our brand SPIROYAL comes in. It counteracts this environmental damage and oxidative stress and has an anti-aging effect. Imagine a sliced apple: After a short contact with oxygen the surface turns into an unattractive brown. It oxidizes, it rusts. That is oxidative stress. Similar processes take place every second of our lives in human cells – intracellular as well as extracellular, i.e. in the tissue. Free radicals are to blame: these are highly reactive, aggressive oxygen compounds that attack and damage healthy cells. Free radicals are formed in the body by environmental pollution such as harmful substances from nutrition, alcohol, cigarette smoke, UV radiation and exhaust gases. They expose our cells to oxidative stress. The result: little vitality and from the outside rather – a flabby, tired complexion. The skin loses its elasticity. Wrinkles develop. And this is exactly where SPIROYAL comes in: This breathing air technology, the spirovitalization has a completely new approach and helps the body in a natural way to increase oxygen utilization. The oxidation process is inhibited. This in turn has the desired anti-aging effect.

#4 Sufficient sleep

Ensure adequate sleep. Ideal is 7-8 hours per night. The cells regenerate faster during sleep than when awake. The immune system produces new defense cells, the skin renews itself, hair grows. It is the most effective anti-aging method at all – and above all: completely free of charge! Good sleep is the number 1 fountain of youth, as numerous scientific studies and observations show. But why is that so? The expert and founder of SPIROYAL Guido Bierther explains: “Talk of the well-known beauty sleep is not a myth”, knows Guido Bierther. The founder of the health company Airnergy and the associated spa brand SPRIOYAL has been active in the health and beauty industry for many years and knows what he is talking about. “When we sleep, a process called catabolism takes place in the skin cells, among other things. It’s like cleansing and restoring at the same time: damage caused during the day is repaired at night, provided the organism has the energy to do so,” the expert says.

This nocturnal self-preservation program releases the growth hormone HGH (Human Growth Hormone). This hormone supports the most important processes and affects the entire organism. At the same time, melatonin fights free radicals during the night – which in turn promote the premature aging process. “In modern medicine there is little doubt that sleep plays a very important role in anti-aging and also in maintaining physical, mental and emotional health,” says Guido Bierther. 

Care products with repairing anti-ageing active ingredients are also particularly useful at night while we sleep, as the skin is now particularly busy with regeneration and collagen build-up. Apply the ESSENTIAL CREAM from ESENSA MEDITERANA as a support. This day and night cream with rose stem cells and LongeVicell® increases the activity and longevity of the skin’s own stem cells. It increases the skin’s UV tolerance, reduces wrinkles and gives a vital and beautiful skin appearance. LiftiLine® and Raffermine® additionally provide a firming effect and a youthful appearance. 50ml 129.90 € Online e.g. via Parfumdreams.

#5 Do moderate sports – reduce stress!

Moderate endurance training is also part of the anti-aging program (walking, cycling, swimming). But do not exaggerate: Those who exercise excessively boost their metabolism and produce even more oxygen radicals. And: do something about the daily stress, which is often particularly intense between 30 and 40. Chronically rushed and dissatisfied workaholics age faster on a cellular level. Medical tests show this. Stress management is the magic word. Whether it works best through meditation, autogenic training or yoga, everyone should find out for themselves.

Basically, the simplest recipe against stress is to do what you want as often as possible. The closer you are to your actual needs with your lifestyle, the less you will feel overwhelmed or dissatisfied. Despite the pressure to perform, we need small moments of happiness every day – as vitamin injections for the soul. For example, relaxation treatments with essential oils like lavender. ESENSA MEDITERANA offers a lavender detox treatment in the spa or beauty institute. The body treatment detoxifies and regenerates. It has a relaxing and simultaneously invigorating effect.

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