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AIRNERGY: The company of tomorrow

AIRNERGY has now been around for over 20 years. The Spirovital technology developed by the company itself is unique. A natural healing method, which can significantly stimulate the body’s energy performance. And yet AIRNERGY and spirovitalization is still quite unknown in this country. All the more reason to take a closer look at it. AIRNERGY: The company of tomorrow!


Let’s start with a quote from the singer Herbert Grönemeyer: “AIRNERGY has a paradoxical quality, it animates and calms at the same time. It is a really stimulating device that I don’t want to miss anymore. I am an avowed airnergetic.

It is hardly surprising that Grönemeyer is such a fan. Because AIRNERGY is indeed a unique company

The name “AIRNERGY” is composed of the words “Air” and “Energy”. This is indicative of the method used, called “spirovitalization”. In this air energization, one of nature’s existing principles of photosynthesis is technically reproduced. The normal breathing air is then energized. In this way, the oxygen contained in the air becomes more available for the human body. This patented process has been proven to be effective in vitalizing the body. And not only with German pop icons…

Why it is worth to deal with AIRNERGY…

AIRNERGY is and remains under the radar. And yet the figures are impressive. The German company has helped more than half a million people in the past 20 years with its special process. And, even though AIRNERGY is not yet as well represented in the media as the company might deserve, its products have long since found their way into the society of celebrities and competitive athletes.

And AIRNERGY is particularly well positioned in the B2B sector. Whether beauty salon or hotel spa: more and more companies rely on AIRNERGY and spirovitalization. Why? Let us dedicate ourselves to the effects…

  • Increase of energy and vitality
  • Promotion of clear thinking
  • Performance improvement in sports
  • Precaution and prevention (complementary)
  • Wellness, well-being and anti-aging
  • Improvement of the skin texture
  • Activation of the self-healing powers
  • Stress reduction and promotion of relaxation
  • Improvement of sleep quality
  • Relief from pain
  • Mental performance
  • and much much more…

How can these advantages be explained? Basically it is important to understand that the Spirovital technology improves the body’s own energy balance. The body gets the opportunity to reinvest the energy in a quasi “profitable” way. In this way complaints can heal better. The immune system is strengthened – and is able to maintain it. For example, to heal complaints, the

A surplus of energy is always the basis for holistic health and well-being. Unfortunately, symptom-based therapy does not always allow for holistic recovery. AIRNERGY’s approach is to start where the greatest leverage is.

Just think about it. How long can you survive without eating? Probably 3 weeks. How long can you survive without drinking? Probably 3 days. How long could you survive without breathing? Only 3 minutes.

And although the air we breathe is so essential for our immune function and thus health, it is largely neglected. AIRNERGY focuses anticyclically on the most essential good and shows how effective a treatment of the atmosphere can be.

AIRNERGY for your home

The company’s goal this year is clear: to address the end consumer in a more targeted manner. In other words: to create added value where it is really needed. And also to raise awareness of the topic of “breathing” in society at large.

The BRAIN+ device was born from this idea. The special one: It offers you hospitalization from home. You can treat yourself at any time and notice the increased energy balance directly at home.

Independent tests have shown how quickly this can happen.

In this graphic you can see a measurement before and after the application of the AIRNERGY device. Before the application, the energy reserve was 36%. After 30 minutes of use, the energy reserve was 62%. This shows that an immediate effect can be felt. However, it should be mentioned that only long-term therapies are really useful for improving quality of life in the long term.

Who is BRAIN+ for?

The BRAIN+ device is for anyone who is seriously interested in improving their well-being. Whether committed laymen, entrepreneurs*, athletes* and health-conscious people. The great thing is that the applications can be integrated wonderfully into everyday life. And even more: It is good for the whole family. More information about BRAIN+ can be found here!