Improving the quality of sleep

The SPIROYAL expert recommends: The best anti-aging remedy is good sleep and breathing!

It is the most effective anti-aging method of all – and above all: completely free! Good sleep is the number 1 fountain of youth, as numerous scientific studies and observations show. But why is that so? The expert and founder of SPIROYAL Guido Bierther explains why this is so.

“Talk of the well-known beauty sleep is no myth”, knows Guido Bierther. The founder of the health company Airnergy and the associated spa brand SPRIOYAL has been active in the health and beauty industry for many years and knows what he is talking about. “When we sleep, a process called catabolism takes place in the skin cells, among other things. It’s like cleansing and restoring at the same time: damage caused during the day is repaired at night, provided the organism has the energy to do so,” the expert says.

This nocturnal self-preservation program releases the growth hormone HGH (Human Growth Hormone). This hormone supports the most important processes and affects the entire organism. At the same time, melatonin fights free radicals during the night – which in turn promote the premature aging process. “In modern medicine there is little doubt that sleep plays a very important role in anti-aging and also in maintaining physical, mental and emotional health,” says Guido Bierther.

Good sleep? Sustainable with spirovitalization

According to studies, an adult should sleep up to six to eight hours per night. But exactly there the problem lies: Humans suffer increasingly from the consequences of chronic sleep deficiency therefore under lack of daily energy – all kinds of stress and multiple load within the private and vocational range favor the arising achievement dismantling. This is where SPIROYAL comes in with its groundbreaking spirovitalization. This holistically meaningful energy treatment uses a method based on natural photosynthesis to bring the immediate breathing atmosphere into an active, energy-rich, i.e. body-compatible state. This energy has been known to the organism for millions of years. The body is thus able to better metabolise the breathing-atmosphere within the framework of energy production. As a result, you feel rested and awake, as if after an extensive walk in the forest. Sleep is thus improved in the long term.

Spirovitalization supports the defense against harmful free radicals

And what’s more, this breathing air technology is based on a completely new approach compared to previous methods such as oxygen multistep therapy (SMT) according to Prof. Manfred v. Ardenne, and thus helps the body to increase oxygen utilization (med. Utilisation) in a natural way. The oxidation process is inhibited by the body’s own processes – free radicals are thus naturally combated or neutralized. Spirovitalization is offered in the form of two SPIROYAL products: The vitalizers AvantGarde and Stream HS, which together form the unique SPA set. An application with AvantGarde takes just 21 minutes. Well invested time, considering that not only sleep is improved in this way – but almost every cell and not only proverbially from the tip of the hair to the foot(nails) is supplied with energy, which often saves expensive anti-aging creams.

The oxidation process responsible for aging, which we experience, for example, with sliced apples that quickly turn brown, is inhibited. The promise: More energy from the outside as well as from the inside and a more vital appearance. After the spirovital therapy you feel fitter, more powerful and more concentrated. Spirovitalization works holistically – and for this very reason it is increasingly being discovered as a beauty treatment and is often combined with other proven treatments in innovative lifestyle institutions.

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