Anti-Aging mit SPIROYAL

Say goodbye to creams, serums & co. Because the key to youthful appearance is – if you like – in the air. Vitalization with SPIROYAL products can be used much more effectively against the aging process. How to do this? We will tell you how.

Take effective action against free radicals

Have you ever heard of the term “free radicals”? These are highly reactive, aggressive oxygen compounds that attack and damage healthy cells. They are created in the body by environmental influences such as fine dust, electrosmog with oxygen, which are produced as a result of the metabolic process in cells. If these free radicals are released, they damage the molecules that are important for the function of the cell and thus accelerate the aging process. These free radicals put our cells under oxidative stress. As a consequence, the ability to regenerate and renew decreases and the aging process is accelerated. The complexion appears colorless, tired and flabby.

Anti-Aging with SPIROYAL: That’s how it works!

And this is exactly where the SPIROYAL brand comes in: Because the products of the German spa and beauty brand are based on a completely new breathing air technology. The talk is of spirovitalization. It helps the body to increase oxygen utilization in a natural way. The oxidation process of the cells is inhibited. This in turn has the desired anti-aging effect. A 21-minute treatment on the AvantGarde breathing machine is sufficient. Lean back, let the light therapy work on you and enjoy the application with SPIROYAL.

During spirovitalization, the oxygen is constantly brought into its high-energy state. This is the physiologically active form of oxygen that the body knows. This is made possible by a patent-protected process, which is technologically modelled on the nature of photosynthesis. The water molecules in the air we breathe take over this energy, which is then inhaled together with the normal breathing air through breathing glasses.

And the best thing is: spirovitalization is holistic. In the organism, spirovitalization provides a measurable improvement in oxygen utilization and has a positive effect on many bodily functions. This means: after treatment with SPIROYAL products you will feel fresher, more vital and fitter – and your complexion will radiate youthful beauty again!

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