AvantGarde: Breathing royally with an extravagant fountain of youth

Hennef, September 2018 – SPIROYAL® is the name of a new brand under which the Hennef-based healthcare company AIRNERGY will in future offer a particularly attractive energy breathing station: the AvantGarde.

The SPIROYAL® name fits him perfectly: “Breathing royally” with a royal fountain of youth of outstanding beauty, elegance and extravagance. AIRNERGY had already made a conscious statement with the AvantGarde name, which not only refers to the extraordinary series itself. No, the name AvantGarde refers to the entire philosophy of the company and its pioneering role in the field of spirovitalization, which fills it with new ideas, power and creativity. This in turn, according to the AIRNERGY wish, should contribute to a long-term rethinking in society towards a healthier lifestyle.

Every “model”, one is almost tempted to say, the AvantGarde series is an eye-catcher: a small work of art full of aesthetics, in a perfect design. Like all other AIRNERGY energy stations, it is characterized by highly sophisticated precision in manufacturing and technology. Customers choose this AIRNERGY when – symbolically speaking – like in a starred restaurant: the eye breathes in/breathes with/should breathe in and the more medical-looking models Basis Plus or Professional Plus are second choice in private or professional ambience for visual reasons. Whether transparent with insight into the filigree technology, as the AvantGarde cristal makes possible, whether in timeless white, platinum mother-of-pearl or in noble black, in granite, marble or with burl wood veneer – almost any material can be used as housing material on customer request and processed for the “Wahl Jungbrunnen”.

The proven techno-legal basis of the AIRNERGY “Professional Plus” (!) forms the inner workings of the device; three power levels (50, 75 or 100%) can be selected. Precious materials distinguish the housing: These include the silver-colored push buttons and the slim stainless steel feet, some of which have carbon applications (feet) from the high-end range, which nevertheless ensure a firm and stable stand. If desired, the AvantGarde can be “refined” even further, e.g. with Swarovski stones on the edges of the upper and lower round plate or a gold/gold-colored case belt.

For example, a customer from the Emirates recently had an AIRNERGY vitalizer fitted with exactly 4,400 Swarovski stones and central elements gold-plated in 24 carats. Originally a one-off, this model is now being offered under the SPIROYAL® brand to a limited (discerning) clientele who attach great importance to a particularly attractive external appearance of their own energy filling station. The AIRNERGY technology, for whose development the company received numerous awards, works entirely according to nature’s example. AIRNERGY uses atmospheric oxygen in combination with the relative humidity of the ambient air (21%) and a method based on natural photosynthesis to switch the breathing atmosphere into a permanently active, energy-rich state, so to speak, which the human cell can metabolize better and thus convert into energy; it brings the inhaled air for home or office to the level of forest air, so to speak.

In particular lack of performance and regeneration processes can be maintained and optimized in a natural and gentle way with the help of this “spirovital therapy”. In the fitness, wellness, SPA, DAYSPA, sauna and sports areas, the AIRNERGY energy cure is used with great success. It also helps quickly and effectively with care, rehabilitation and prevention measures and is gladly accepted by the guests.

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