An oasis of well-being at home

Innovative well-being oasis for the home

Many people want a very personal place to switch off. A place where they can be undisturbed away from stress and chaos. This is understandable, because statistically speaking, a large proportion of people suffer from burn-out and stress-related illnesses. Thus with the Karmasin Motivforschung 2007/2008 a survey was made on the subject of burn-out. Here 20% of all respondents stated that they were at risk of burn-out. Among these affected persons the chance of getting sick increased by 37%.

Stress has long been one of the biggest issues of our time. This makes it all the more important to set up your own oasis of well-being. In this blog article you can find out how exactly this works.

What is a wellness oasis?

For every person it is something different. The Duden defines it only as “an institution in which one should feel comfortable”. It is a place that leaves stress behind and creates space for the contemplative, relaxing and calming. This should be an undisturbed place where one can let oneself fall.

What about you? Have you already found your oasis of well-being at home? Or are you still looking for suitable input? Before you set up your well-being oasis, you should know exactly what you are looking for. Is it rest, relaxation or maybe even undisturbed productivity?

Essential for this is that we do not change the fish, but its aquarium. You are the conglomerate of your environment and therefore the first way to change yourself is to change your direct environment.

We would now like to show you an easy to implement guide for building your own oasis of well-being.

Step 1: Avoid sources of interference

There are obviously sources of interference that should be avoided, such as noise, cold, confined or stuffy air. But for true well-being, some invisible dangers must be avoided.

Because there are also factors in the area of health, such as electromagnetic fields or particulate matter in the air, which can cause a lot of damage unnoticed.

Electromagnetic fields have a negative influence on the brain and the body. This is also completely logical, because even our small smartphones emit waves in the gigahertz range. Research on rats has already detected the first signs of tumors in the brain after ten minutes of using a smartphone.

We are almost permanently exposed to these waves. So are the frequencies of our DECT telephones, Bluetooth and the WLAN network. You should avoid all these frequencies. For example, you could install a timer that prevents harmful influences from entering your oasis of well-being.

Another major issue is that of polluted breathing air. The fresh and vital air, as we know it from swimming in the forest, has been lost in our big city. More and more people are migrating from the countryside as the nation focuses its economy on the big cities. Now man is in himself an extremely bad breather. About 75% of the air we breathe is exhaled again unused. It is even worse when we are exposed to a lack of humidity in the big city, as well as fine dust. Our lung function is limited by this.

The conclusion: The aging processes in the body do not only begin with 70-80, but already with 40. Who would like to develop thus also a well-being feeling oasis with personal anti- Aging effect, which should provide on fresh breathing air.

So it is always a good way to look into nature and model what happens there. We discover a variety of living beings there, as well as scents. This principle has been rediscovered e.g. by aromatherapy. By means of fine oil essences the life of the plants can be recorded in small bottles. For a well-being oasis, wonderful scents should not be missing.

But in nature we have even more. The sounds of the forest, the splashing of the river or the blowing of the wind accompany us permanently. In a feel-good oasis, a nature-oriented experience should also be represented by the appropriate sound backdrop.

Step 2: Fresh breathing air, sound backdrop and aromatherapy in one

Exactly to the topic well-being oasis we have thought about. Not only in beauty and spa treatments, salt caves, steam baths and saunas, but also in the in-house wellness oasis, there is a very easy way to transform even the most boring room.

May I introduce? The BRAIN+ package.

With the technology spirovitalization it is possible to establish the beneficial application for body, mind and soul at home. This is a biotech procedure, which has been researched and developed in Germany for about 20 years.

By means of a special process, the air we breathe is filtered, energized and made bioavailable to the body. The result is a rapid increase in immune function. To BRAIN+ one could also say forest air generator.

But good breathing air is not everything. With an accompanying CD, the beauty and wellness treatment is transformed into a true experience. The CD has been optimized to enhance the application for various fields of application. For example, increasing energy, releasing stress, relaxing or focusing.

The BRAIN+ package also includes a complete Premium Essential Oils set including an aroma set connector for the BRAIN+ device. This is the final part to make your personal wellness oasis perfect.

For more information on this innovative and award-winning methodology, please visit

Step 3: The daily use of the wellness oasis at home

Practicing and entering your home wellness oasis should be sacred. There you can recharge your batteries and then move back out into your daily life with fresh energy and newly gained vitality. The application with BRAIN+ takes only 21 minutes and works at the touch of a button.

The increasing relaxation brings the vegetative nervous system back into balance and there is a significant decrease in stress. The organ function also increases. A single application in the anti-aging area is not half as effective as the daily inner work on the system. Soon you will shine with new brilliance!