This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine goes to three cell researchers from the USA and Great Britain who investigated how cells recognize and adapt to oxygen levels. With this award, the Karolinska Institute honors a field of research with enormous potential and emphasizes how important oxygen is for the whole life and human well-being. A finding that has long been the focus of attention at SPIROYAL.

Oxygen is indispensable for most life processes. The oxygen sensor of the cells plays a major role in metabolism, including during sports, adaptation to high altitudes or even in the development of cancer. The three scientists William G. Kaelin Jr (Harvard University) and Gregg Semenza (Johns Hopkins University) from the USA as well as Sir Peter Ratcliffe (Oxford University), who have now been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2019, have discovered how cells measure oxygen qualitatively on the one hand and qualitatively on the other. On the other hand, however, they have also discovered how cells react to unphysiological quantities and which mechanisms or sensors are responsible for this.

Because: too much oxygen can also be dangerous for cells because the substance can be extremely aggressive.

SPIROYAL founder Guido Bierther is pleased about the decision in the Nobel Prize for Medicine

“We are very pleased about the Karolinska Institute’s decision to honor the findings of the three scientists with the Nobel Prize 2019,” explains SPIROYAL founder Guido Bierther. According to the expert, the award is a signal for the importance of the research field. “The findings of these three honored scientists have great significance today: they help to help patients with oxygen deprivation. And they benefit people with other ailments.”

SPIROYAL has been aware of the importance of oxygen

For good reason, the SPIROYAL brand has been relying on the innovative technology of spirovitalization since then. Here, too, the vital substance oxygen and existential component of the atmosphere is attributed its indispensable importance. This groundbreaking breathing air technology helps the body in a natural way to increase the utilization of oxygen in the sense of increased energy production in the cells.
The immediate breathing atmosphere (air, light, water) is transformed into a permanently active, energy-rich state by a method based on natural photosynthesis. The composition of the air is optimally adapted to the human cell to build up energy. The entire body is thus able to better metabolise the breath atmosphere. Furthermore, the oxidation process (!) is inhibited. This in turn leads to free radicals (ROS) being fought or neutralized by the body’s own ability

Where the spirovitalization begins

Spirovitalization can achieve outstanding success, especially with everyday complaints such as stress, lack of energy and concentration, difficulties in falling and staying asleep, self-healing weakness, exhaustion syndrome or symptoms of burnout: Already after one session you often feel more recovered and balanced. Clients repeatedly report a certain feeling of well-being. In the case of more serious illnesses, functional or organic disorders, the technology can in turn be a good supplement as a basic therapy.

A hospital revitalization is particularly pleasant and can be combined with all proven methods. It is offered in the form of two SPIROYAL products: The AvantGarde and Stream HS vitalizers, supplemented by the Aromaset for simultaneous aromatherapy, form the SPA set. During the session you can lean back, relax and literally just take a deep breath. A vitalization with AvantGarde takes just 21 minutes. Well invested time, considering how important the atmosphere with available oxygen is for life, regeneration and well-being. The recently awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine proves this once again.

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