Forest Bathing with SPIROYAL for Anti-Aging effect in the Spa

We live in a time when fresh and vital air has become a luxury good. Especially urban city dwellers long for the opportunity to finally take a deep breath and recharge their batteries. In the truest sense of the word. However, there is often no time or space for swimming in the forest or for a hike in the great outdoors. This is exactly where SPIROYAL® builds a bridge in the spa world. Thanks to state-of-the-art energy filling stations, day and hotel spas can now offer their customers real added value and exceptional relaxation treatments.

“Breathe the energy of the healthy forest air. Here and there…” – this is the claim and credo of AIRNERGY. The German health enterprise was created in the year 2000, in order to offer humans health, energetically and conditionally a solution for the increasing load of the world-wide air pollution. In September 2018 AIRNERGY will launch the spa brand SPIROYAL.

The cornerstone for a youthful appearance? Fresh air! Vital air?

The focus is on well-being, anti-aging and relaxation. Because: a radiant appearance, young skin and an energetic appearance starts with breathing and is based on energy from within. Thus all metabolic processes of the cells and their energy production (ATP) depend on oxygen. Everybody knows this from everyday life: If we don’t get enough fresh air, for example because we are sitting in the office from morning to night, we feel tired, flabby and our complexion often looks pale.

Forest bathing with SPIROYAL®: Just take a deep breath 

This is exactly where SPIROYAL® can help with spirovitalization and state-of-the-art respiratory stations: The focus is on the energy provider AvantGarde. The special thing: AvantGarde revitalizes the breathing atmosphere with the help of a process modelled on nature. Similar to photosynthesis. The body can better utilize the prepared atmosphere. With the help of breathing glasses the guest absorbs the vitalized energy. Meanwhile, one can lean back, relax, enjoy the integrated color light therapy – and simply take a deep breath. Just 21 minutes are needed to activate all the cells in the body with the energy of fresh forest air. Forest bathing at home or in the spa, so to speak. After the treatment, guests feel noticeably better, more vital and fitter – and can start off with new energy.

The perfect complement to the AvantGarde is STREAM HS. Although the technology is the same. But unlike the Vitalizer, the treatment is performed locally and from the outside. The device serves as an energy donor and supplies the respective area – so joint complaints, chest pain, sprains but also migraine and headaches can be treated in a particularly pleasant way.

SPIROYAL: Added value for day spas and wellness hotels

Energy supply from inside and outside: This is what AvantGarde offers in combination with STREAM HS. This SPA set from SPIROYAL is the perfect complement to beauty treatments, massages and other wellness treatments. Because all spa treatments are enhanced by the SPA set. And that in day spas and fitness studios as well as wellness hotels. With SPIROYAL, guests are offered something never seen before: The products ensure a fresher appearance, better sleep quality and yes – a better quality of life. Customers are happy to accept the new vitality cure of spirovitalization, often several times a year, talk about it and like to come back because it simply does you good. Life is just in the air.


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