New Years Beauty Resolutions SPIROYAL

Every year again… at the beginning of a new year we have a lot to do. More sports. Healthier food. Finally quit smoking. And, and, and, and… And a few days later at the latest, we’ll have thrown them overboard again. But in 2020 everything will be different! We present three beauty resolutions that we can really stick to.

#1: Beauty attachments: Be good to your body

Many people want to lose weight at the turn of the year and after the holidays. And there is no question that healthy eating and plenty of exercise is a good thing. Full of zest for action, one then registers at the yoga or fitness studio. The problem: the inner pig dog. Unfortunately, this is too often in the way of your fitness goals. No time for the gym, too cold for jogging – we are not embarrassed by excuses. 

Our tip: Set realistic goals… and simply to deal better with your own body. You don’t have to run to the gym three or four times and eat only vegan food. It’s better, it’s great if you decide to drink alcohol and eat meat only two days a week, walk 10,000 steps every day, cycle to work, etc. It is also important to set measurable goals. Because only then can you meet them.

#2: Beauty attachments: Let the mind come to rest

We live in a world that at least feels like it is spinning faster and faster. The level of stress is high – and you can usually see that in us. The skin is sallow, the eyes tired. How can it be different if we are constantly available and look at our smartphone every 10 minutes?

What helps? Digital detox, sure. Or simply: Give your mind a time-out. You don’t have to flee to a retreat for that. Just get yourself an hourglass. No kidding! Set up the hourglass once a day and give yourself and your mind an hour’s rest. That is luxury! You give yourself 60 minutes. Instead of scrolling on your smartphone, you can do whatever you want. yoga. Reading. A full bath. meditation. Whatever you feel like doing. We promise: The recreational effect is enormous. And all this, thanks to an hourglass.

#3: Beauty attachments: Purify the soul

After the holidays you are often catapulted back into everyday life much too quickly. And even more: In January and February, winter depression often catches up with you. Hardly any sunlight, not even atmospheric Christmas lights – no wonder that many people complain about bad mood and blues.

The magic word? Forest bathing. This miracle cure has been known for centuries in its country of origin Japan under the name “Shinrin Yoku”. It is primarily a matter of mindfulness, conscious breathing and the ability to refuel valuable oxygen. Everyone knows the effect of an extensive walk in nature, in a dense, fragrant forest: you feel much better afterwards, the mood lifts.

You simply lack the time for long walks in the nature or simply the forest in front of the door? Then you are like many city dwellers. But we also have a tip for that: Because the healing powers of the forest air are delivered just as effectively and in only 20 minutes by the SPIROYAL energy breathing stations, which are offered in leading day spas, fitness and beauty studios and wellness hotels throughout Europe.

The special: The patented SPIROYAL technique. Using a method based on natural photosynthesis, it puts the breathing atmosphere into a permanently active, high-energy state that is perfectly optimized for the human cell. The body is thus able to better metabolise the breathing atmosphere. This means: you have more energy, you feel more balanced, your immune system is strengthened from within and, thanks to the proven anti-aging effect, you no longer need to worry about wrinkles.