Power of Water with SPIROYAL

SPIROYAL raises the power of the water of air to a new level

Water is life. Anyone who is not or does not become aware of this maxim on a daily basis will be made aware of the enormous and fundamental importance of water, or better said “living water” for a healthy life no later than this March. Because 22.03.2020 is the international world water day.

SPIROYAL would also like to draw attention to this day of commemoration and action in order to raise the awareness of the individual to the importance and quality of water. Since its foundation in 2000, the bio-tech company has based its groundbreaking innovation in the field of beauty, fitness and wellness on the unique healing power of water, air and natural sunlight… True to the long-established principle of “understanding and copying nature”.

“The driving force of nature” – this is how physicist Karl-Heinz Röber, Professor of Information and Energy Medicine at Lujiazui International United University in Shanghai and member of the Airnergy Advisory Board in the joint Airnergy publication “Der kleine Atmos” describes the importance of water for life. In it, he describes the increasing pollution of the air we breathe or the atmosphere with fine dust and toxins, i.e. environmental toxins – whereby the water or water vapor normally present in the atmosphere loses its energetic function.

Breath Living Water: The SPIROYAL Method by AIRNERGY

In order to counteract this and in particular to bring back the mostly energy-less breathing atmosphere in closed rooms into an energetic, life-giving atmosphere or breathing air, the company SPIROYAL designed the new premium vitalizer AvantGarde exclusively for the SPA area. The forest air generator with its noble and yet futuristic form enables people of almost any age and at almost any place to breathe healthy, clean and particularly energetic, i.e. life-giving, air atmosphere. Approximately 100 liters of daily breathing supplementation have proven to be effective after a short period of acclimatization.

How so? The answer: Through water. More precisely: through electrically charged water molecules that are inhaled together with the air atmosphere. The process is similar to photosynthesis, i.e. the natural interaction of Mother Nature in dealing with natural resources of light (sun), air and water (relative humidity) sunlight. In this way, the body is supplied with precious, “pure” energy that it has known for millions of years. The special feature of the technology of the energy breathing station AvantGarde by SPIROYAL is that neither oxygen is increased nor ionized, ozone or other foreign substances are added. The vitalization provides for it the oxygen available in the air (atmospheric oxygen approx. 21%) for the metabolism better usable and to prepare for the increased energy formation in the cell. Each cell (intracellular) as well as the matrix (extracellular) around it can participles.

2000 times greater energetic effect

The consequences are manifold and holistic: Feedback from customers from more than 60 countries, from the beauty lifestyle wellness sector as well as sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, managers and doctors confirm: You feel more awake, fitter, more concentrated and simply good. One sleeps better and has more energy for the day, calmness returns, this is what one hears again and again. And especially for anti-aging and as an insiders’ tip for the outer appearance, the spirovitalization (21 minutes per session) works on the most beautifully designed vitalizer – as well as technologically seen several times awarded “Smallest climatic health resort in the world”. This technological first development can stimulate and literally awaken cells to regenerate or regenerate themselves. This, in turn, does not make the complexion glow again in a natural way.

Remarkable: According to the physicist Röber, the SPIROYAL method has more than 2000 times the energetic effect in our body than the liquid form of water.

Further information in the info brochure: “The Little Atmos” – free download here.

Power of the water of the air: Our conclusion

Water is also the source of all life in combination with the substances of the breath atmosphere! Nowadays especially in energized form. SPIROYAL proves this every day, and of course especially on World Water Day on 22 March 2020.