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We all know the term “sunbathing”, but have you ever heard of the term “forest bathing”? This is about a walk in the forest in mindfulness, with a focus on conscious breathing and the power of nature.

Tina wolf of Tina in the middle published an article exciting article in addition, why forest air is healthy and which has it with imitated forest air on itself

This intensive, conscious type of forest walks comes from Japan and is not only a trend there, but is also part of health care. The trend has now also reached us.

I am lucky that I am virtually surrounded by forests and vineyards. Only a few steps and I can enjoy the forest air and absorb the power and energy of the trees. But I also notice that forest bathing is becoming a trend, because in the past there were days when not a single person met me during my walks, but now I always meet other people.

SPIROYAL® vitalizers imitate forest air…

The focus of the SPIROYAL® energy dispensers is on well-being, regeneration, anti-aging and relaxation. All in all, the aim is to improve the quality of life. Young skin, a fresh complexion, a relaxed mind and a positive charisma usually begin with breathing and are based on our energy from within. Thus all metabolic processes of the cells and their energy production (ATP) depend not least on the quality of oxygen. If we do not get enough oxygen, we feel and look tired. What is important, however, is not only the amount of oxygen, but much more the quality of the air, which is why fresh forest air is especially recommended. This is how spirovitalization works.

Warum Waldluft so gesund ist

More about why forest air is healthy and about spirovitalization can be found here.

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