what is forest bathing

What is forest bathing?

It is the Wellness trend of the yearly: The speech is from forest bathing. But what is forest bathing actually? Which concept hides itself behind it? We clear up!

When bathing in the forest, it is primarily a matter of conscious perception, of mindfulness – to feel the spicy forest smell, one’s own breathing and to absorb the valuable, because vital atmosphere and thus much more than “just” oxygen. In Japan, forest bathing – called Shinrin-yoku – is even considered medicine and already in the early eighties a million-dollar research program was supported here to prove the medical effects of forest bathing. Twelve years ago the first center for “forest therapy” opened and Japanese universities now offer a medical specialization in “forest medicine”. Today there are more than 500 published studies that confirm and substantiate the success of natural medicine.

All these studies prove that even a short, relaxed walk through the forest has a considerable influence on our health, well-being and vitality. In the forest the number of killer cells increases and the immune system as well as self-healing powers improve, so the confirmation of the scientists. Blood pressure, cortisol and pulse would decrease – free radicals would be reduced – already after one hour in the forest.

What is forest bathing? – More than Wellness!

An essential role for the health and also vitality booster forest plays the quality, thus the vitality of the surrounding forest air. Without food we can survive up to a few weeks.  Without water a maximum of three days – but without air or atmosphere with atmospheric oxygen only a few minutes.  However, the quality, i.e. the vitality, of the air we breathe, of which we consume around 12,000 liters daily, decreases considerably due to environmental factors. Surely a further reason why forest bathing generally socially, as well as supported by the media, experiences such a boom. Because predominantly in the forests the air is loaded with body-tolerant energy and loaded as small with fine dust as otherwise only comparably in the mountains or at the sea. The concentration of fine dust particles there is only one to ten percent compared to measurements in cities. But we are often not aware that air is not always the same. It is not only the degree of purity that is decisive for the formation of energy, but also and especially its vitality capacity. 

Energized water in nature

In nature, water is naturally energized by two essential processes before it is released back into the atmosphere. On the one hand by the turbulence in streams and rivers and on the other hand by the natural heat radiation of the sun (infrared radiation) in connection with the green coloring of the leaves (photosynthesis) on the trees and plants in nature. This process has only in recent years been increasingly investigated and researched by various university departments and independent scientists. 

In natural and unpolluted nature, biological batteries (water molecules) are constantly being recharged by swirling water or with the energy of the sun and are thus available to living organisms. This is also the reason why it is so healthy to walk along streams or in the forest. 

Imitated forest air for more energy and vitality even in the big city

But of course not everyone has access to the natural forest air. Especially for people who live in big cities a daily walk in the forest is almost impossible. Also, not everyone has the time and leisure to take regular walks in the forest. But how can one bring the forest or the forest air indoors, to the office, home or to a wellness retreat? 

The researchers and developers of the tech company AIRNERGY asked themselves this question and, following the principle of “Understanding and copying nature”, developed a processor that can now transform the low-energy and polluted air atmosphere, at almost any place in the world, into a clean and energy-rich air atmosphere again according to the principles of nature. The respiration vital stations copy nature and its health-promoting processes as exactly as possible and are therefore a practical solution for all people who are directly affected by the growing pollution of the global air or who are exposed to high stress levels. 

Because especially with everyday complaints such as stress, lack of energy and concentration, insomnia and insomnia, self-healing weakness, exhaustion syndrome or symptoms of burnout, the so-called “spirovitalization” can achieve success. Already after a session with the breathing station, which lasts only 21 minutes, one feels more recovered, more balanced and a certain feeling of well-being returns.

 “Broadly speaking, we are talking about a system that increases the energetic quality of the air we breathe and thus our vitality capacity,” explains electrophysicist and energy physician Professor Karl-Heinz Röber. Electrically charged water molecules are inhaled with the air during spirovitalization and supply the body with energy. The system makes the oxygen present in the air more usable for the body and thus for each cell, which not only activates the function of the lungs. Spirovital therapy is therefore based on energizing or (re)vitalizing the immediate breathing atmosphere according to the model of photosynthesis, i.e. the natural interplay of sunlight, the leaf green of plants (chlorophyll), the natural oxygen in the air as well as the relative humidity of the air by means of UV radiation, and using this energy to restructure the water molecules in the air we breathe, to charge them up properly. In this way a new, high-quality breathing air is produced. In the process, neither oxygen is increased, nor ionized, nor is ozone or foreign substances added. 

This vitalization ensures that the oxygen present in the air (atmospheric oxygen approx. 21%) is better usable for the metabolism and prepares it for increased energy production in the cell. Every cell, as well as the matrix around it, can participate. 

Forest air as anti-aging booster? 

With increasing age, the body’s ability to utilize oxygen (medical term: utilization) also decreases. Here the forest air imitated by spirovitalization also has a positive effect and leads to a measurable increase in O2 utilization. The vitalization therapy with the respiration station can thus also improve the quality of the skin and one feels altogether more efficient, fitter and more concentrated. The quality of sleep also improves and one sleeps more deeply. This patented and several times internationally distinguished procedure is offered for example in Spas, Fitness studios and Wellness hotels or one gets oneself its own forest simply home.