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The Art of Air 2019: A journey through the century

Excerpts from the speech of award winner Dr. Jibin Chi during the Airnergy award ceremony “The Art of Air”…

In his lecture on the occasion of the AIRNERGY “Art of Air” award ceremony 2019 in Bad Godesberg, the internationally renowned researcher and lecturer Dr. Jibin Chi will discuss the connection between Nobel Prize research and AIRNERGY science. We do not want to withhold this from you. Therefore, here are a few quotes from his speech in English – on the occasion of the Airnergy award ceremony “The Art of Air”.

First, Dr. Chi honored the groundbreaking achievements of the two Nobel Prize winners Dr. Corneille Heymans and Dr. Otto Warburg in the field of oxygen measurement.

Dr. Warburg pioneered the fields of photosynthesis, cellular respiration and respiratory fermentation. His approaches inspired me to establish and connect the scientific connection between one hundred years of Nobel Prize research and the AIRNERGY doctrine.

Chi then provides basic information on photosynthesis and cellular respiration as part of the “Nobel Prize research on the core of life”.

Scientific findings have led to the clear conclusion that the essence of life and cellular respiration lie in three key elements:

• Electron energy from the origin of a light source

• Activation of oxygen to release stored electron energy

• Formation of water of the 4th phase due to electron energy production

Understanding this important nucleus of photosynthesis and cellular respiration is the basic prerequisite for understanding the science of AIRNERGY, which has been named the innovation of the century (1912-2012).

In short, the work of the two Nobel Prize winners Dr. Corneille Heymans and Dr. Otto Warburg forms the basis for the AIRNERGY system:

If we were to imagine the Airnergy system as an orchestra, then the musical masterpieces would be the Nobel Prize-winning research results, the musicians would be the engineers at Airnergy, and the orchestra conductor would be spirovital breathing.

AIRNERGY at a glance

AIRNERGY activates oxygen by adding specific monochromatic light to the oxygen in the ambient air after filtering out harmful pollutants. Its specific wavelength maximizes the photosynthesis reaction, which improves the activation process of oxygen. Airnergy has creatively developed a process that mimics this activation process outside the body. It uses the properties and relative humidity of the air to extract energy from singlet oxygen, the physically active form of oxygen. This is the world’s most profound and innovative translation of Nobel’s theoretical research into state-of-the-art technology.

Source: A detailed summary of the lecture by Dr. Jibin Chi and a comprehensive description of the Airnergy system can be found in the informative newsletter of

About the award ceremony “The Art of Air

The “The Art of Air” initiative founded by AIRNERGY presented its 2019 award to Dr. Jibin Chi, President of the Channel Biomedical Group and Director of the CHI Awakening Academy. Chi is involved worldwide with holistic medicine, or more precisely, translational medicine, an interdisciplinary branch of biomedicine that brings together the three main pillars of “research, treatment and science” to promote the further development and improvement of prevention, diagnosis and therapy. Dr. Chi was once again awarded the prize in the “Science” category for his extraordinary achievements in the field of respiratory medicine. With this award, the “Art of Air” jury honors the outstanding research work of the renowned scientist and sets a clear signal for the perception of his new groundbreaking findings.

The still young initiative “Art of Air” plans to expand the award to a total of 21 categories in 2020. The aim is to reward individuals, but also groups and companies that have excelled in the fields of methods, optics, physics, sensor technology, philosophy, music, photography, sustainability, media, art, travel, aviation and sports related to the topic of “breathing air”.